Public Safety Department


Public Safety

The Folly Beach Public Safety Department specializes in excellence of service to our citizens and the thousands of daily visitors. Our daily population can exceed 60 thousand during the summer or on holidays. We serve our community with a complement of full, part time employees and volunteers. When fully staffed the 68 public safety employees work to ensure your safety and enjoyment of our island paradise. We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and hope you find the material informative. We will be adding additional webpage sections in the future, so check in often for updates.

Mission Statement

“The Folly Beach Public Safety Department provides proactive, professional customer service to assure the safety of our residents and visitors. Our positive, close-knit work environment promotes equality, family, service, and development. The staff will achieve mastery of our profession while serving as compassionate stewards to our community by consistently working as a team to face all challenges together with solidarity. Our motto, Protecting Paradise, will always be our guide.”
Our agency is one of just a few in the State of South Carolina which provides Police, Fire, Rescue, Dispatch, and Medical services. We take pride in our service disciplines and seek to improve service to our community.

Our Department consists of Four Divisions

Field Operations Division

We currently have two patrol teams each supervised by a sergeant. Each team has two squads supervised by a Corporal. Each squad contains Public Safety Officers trained in Fire and Police Response. Contact information for our patrol supervisors:

Team 1: Sergeant Pedro Mcteer
(843) 513-1895
Team 2: Sergeant Andrew Gilreath
(843) 513-1893
Squad A: Corporal Derik
Squad B: Corporal Kacey
Squad C: Corporal Mary
Squad D: Corporal Ryland

Special Operation

This division is responsible for dispatch, animal control, kennel operations, parking enforcement, detectives, beach patrol, traffic officers, records, and part time ordinance officers. Additionally the support division oversees our in-house training library, all training records, special events, court liaison, warrant repository, and fleet maintenance.
Supervisor: Sergeant James (Jimmy) Couche
(843) 513-1846

Detective Garland “Dusty” McKelvey

Detective Joshua Allen

Fire Suppression

This division is responsible for all fire operations. This includes our volunteer firefighters, volunteers in police service, firefighters, fire public safety officers, fire safety, fire marshal, inspections, and hydrant testing. Each fire public safety officer oversees their shift with two other firefighters. All public safety officers are duly trained as firefighters and all fire public safety officers are duly trained as police officers. Each police officer is required to work 6 weeks a year in the fire station. Our public safety officers have the ability to switch disciplines during their career to work in fire, dispatch, or police operations.
Supervisor: Sergeant Kevin Berkel
(843) 513-1894
Fire Public Safety Officers: Mercedes
Fire Public Safety Officer: Ben O’
Fire Marshall: Scott Bycroft and Brian Pucel;

Our fire department currently operates out of one central station located at 106 West Cooper Street. We have two engines, 1- 75 foot ladder, a rescue truck, numerous ATVs, and seadoos. We have three firefighters on-duty at all times. This number can grow to 10 or more when you consider our Public Safety Officers are fire certified. Additionally, we respond to all medical emergencies with many of our officers certified as Emergency Medical Technicians.
Our fire staff is always available to conduct home surveys for potential fire concerns. Our doors are always open for tours so stop in.


This section is responsible for the overall administration of the department. The department is responsible for budget preparation, expenditures, training room rentals, freedom of information requests, policies, recruitment, community outreach, and livability assessment.
Supervisor: Director of Public Safety Dennis Brown
Assistant Colleen Johnson
(843) 513-1845
Alan Kleinfeld
(843) 513-1887
Melissa Gasser:
Deputy Director of Public Safety: Vacant
Captain Cliff Harvey
(843) 588-7004
Captain Brian Porter
(843) 588-7004
Battalion Chief Lieutenant: Vacant

The City of Folly Beach is continuously seeking quality applicants to help our team improve. If you are interested in working for the department of public safety please complete the city’s online application. Call for questions on qualification on any of the following positions. Public Safety Officer Fire or Police, Firefighter, Animal Control, Ordinance Officer, Dispatcher full or part time, Beach Patrol and Parking Enforcement. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Parking Rules and Regulations

1. Park with not against the flow of traffic
2. Do not leave your tires on the pavement
3. Do not block hydrants
4. Do not park on sidewalks
5. Do not park 15 feet from an intersection
6. Do not block a Fire Hydrant
7. Do not block driveways (vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense)
If you receive a parking ticket. No one can void the ticket except a setting judge. We hold court every Friday at 9 a.m. Please call (843) 737-8270
Community Outreach

We do provide numerous programs to assist our community. These include speed resistance, home inspections (police/fire), safety presentations, beach sweeps, and theft stings. Please call if you want to request or have questions about any of our outreach programs.

Contact Information:
Police-Fire-Medical Emergencies 911
Police Fire Medical or other non-emergency calls 843-588-2433
Informational Line 843-737-8270
Party Permits

The City of Folly Beach requires any gathering of 25 or more people must seek approval via a party permit. The permit can be found on this webpage or at the public safety complex. Permit tees may be required to hire off duty officers at the discretion of the Director. Please direct all questions to Ms. Johnson at (843) 513-1845 or
Animal Control: The City of Folly Beach provides comprehensive care for our animal population. All dogs and cats are required to be registered with animal services. Animals are required to have their rabies vaccination and must be leashed when outside of a residence. No animals are allowed on the beach from May 1 to September 1 10a.m. to 6 p.m. Please contact our animal control officer Mike Keegan at (843) 588-7003 or We are available to provide programs and rabies clinics when required.
Victim Services

Our detectives serve as victim service representatives. Victims of crimes in the State of South Carolina may qualify for financial reimbursement for specific crimes. Additionally, our victim services representatives will guide and assist our victims through the court process. We are here to help our victims.

The City of Folly Beach has assigned a detective to address our resident’s livability concerns. This position focuses on the unique problems our community faces. The detective investigates driving while impaired operators, thefts, public urination, narcotics, and noise complaints. For additional information or to provide a tip contact Detective Joshua Allen at (843) 588-7003 or

Beach Rules

1. No Glass of any type allowed on the beach
2. No alcohol allowed on beach
3. No littering
4. Any walking on the dunes is prohibited
5. No amplified sound
6. No fires or open flames
7. No kegs
8. No public urination