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Beach Supplies

Mr. Johns Beach Store

You can get everything you want here including beach toys and supplies, arts and crafts, and souveniers.  Locally owned and operated, easy-going laid back staff, and the place to find just what you need.

20 Center Street – 843-588-9150

folly beach now ocean surf shop

Ocean Surf Shop

Ocean Surf shop is more than just a store that sells a lot of surf gear. It’s owned and operated by surfers, for surfers. We hate to date ourselves, but combined we have well over a century of surfing experience among our owners and staff. Of course, this means we gladly offer friendly, unassuming advice regarding any and all aspects of board-riding. Regardless if you are an expert or beginner, we truly pride ourselves on enhancing your wave-riding and beach-going experience. The team at Ocean Surf shop makes it our goal to offer their very best, because we know we know how much we love surfing, and we think that you should, too. Please come see us and talk about your surf-adventures, even if it was just a trip to 9th Block, and find us on Center Street on Folly Beach next to the big yellow surfboard.

31 Center Street – 843-588-9175

 folly beach now mckevlins surf shop

McKevlins Surf Shop

McKevlin’s Surf Shop is the longest established surf shop in South Carolina and one of the oldest on the entire East Coast.  McKevlin’s Surf Shop is known as the first shop in South Carolina to operate a call-in Surf Report, the first with epoxy surfboards, the first to sponsor a surf team, and even the first to offer tri-fin boards!

Today, every time you step into the shop, you’ll find a vast array of new brands, new designs, and new ideas.  Check us out to view a piece of East Coast surf history as well as a look into the future.

8 Center Street – 843-588-2261


Folly Trading Company

Beach supplies and clothing, souveniers

36 Center Street – 843-633-0030


 Folly Girlz

Beach clothing and jewelery

18 Center Street – 843-633-0187

   Folly Beach Pier Gift Shop
   Aqua Beach Store
   Folly Bargain Closeout




folly beach now berts market

Berts Market

We may doze, but we never close! 202 East Ashley Ave. – 843-588-9449


Piggly Wiggly

1985 Folly Rd. – 843-762-6255