Real Estate activity for August 2012 on Folly Beach, SC including home and vacant lot sales and information.

7 properties sold on Folly Beach in August 2012, bringing the year to date total to 77.  If we carry that average forward to the end of the year, we would total 115 sales, which would show a return to normal sales activity for the island.  There were 68 sold through August 2011.

The 2012 average sales price through August was $468,715 with the median sales price of $420,000.  The average sales price for the same time in 2011 was $437,292 with a median of $400,000, showing a gain of approximately 7%.

One of the more interesting numbers was the rise in sales on higher priced homes in Folly Beach.  Through August 2012, there has been 18 properties sold higher than $600,000 representing 23% of all sales.  Through August 2011 there were 10 similar properties sold, or 15% of total sales.  There is an increase in demand for luxury Folly Beach real estate.

Both of these gains show that demand is rising for property all over Folly Beach.  If you have been looking for that perfect property down here in paradise, you may want to get moving, or you could pay a higher price.

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folly_beach_now_real_estate_2Some examples of sales in August 2012 were:

A vacant half-lot for $150,000.

A 3 bedroom ocean view condominium for $364,000.

A 4 bedroom Charleston Oceanfront Villa for $628,500.

An oceanfront home for $950,000.

We are moving into the buying season on Folly Beach, will you be one of the lucky ones?  If you would like to find out more details of what sold, or what is available to purchase, contact me here.