The “WOW” factor of low prices on Folly Beach, SC

16 properties sold on Folly Beach in the month of April bringing the 2011 year to date to 47.  That is a healthy pace of sales, The reason people are buying is in the price information further below.  After watching a few months of price increases, the prices fell back to previous lows.  If you are looking to purchase property on Folly Beach, the downside risk is very low, now is the time to buy.  We can’t go down much further and many buyers are taking advantage of historically low prices.  Will you be one of them?

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Some highlights from the sales were, an oceanfront home that needed work on the West side for $800,000 and an oceanview home on the beach side of Ashley Ave. near the lighthouse for $525,000.  WOW! There were 2 Turtle Bay condominiums sold between $350-400,000, a Mariner’s Cay for $199,000 and a Palmettos for $109,000.  WOW!

The average sales price in April was $374,000.   There was a return of value properties, and the low-hanging fruit that had disappeared is back again.  Out of the 47 sold this year, 42 were $550,000 or below.  WOW! Out of the 16 sold in April, 13 were $415,000 or below.  WOW!

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Vince Perna

Dunes Properties of Charleston

31 Center Street, Folly Beach, SC  29439